November 22

AEO and Brexit – will it help?

We have seen a marked increase recently in the number of businesses seriously considering applying to become AEOs – Authorised Economic Operators. The impetus for this arises from Brexit and the need to manage supply chain risk by planning for a potential ‘hard Brexit’. In the early days following the referendum there was a focus.

December 10

Union Customs Code (UCC) – Key Changes and Impacts for Businesses

Union Customs Code (UCC) – Key Changes and Impacts for Businesses

The attached slide deck summarises key changes brought about by the new EU wide customs legislation, the Union Customs Code (UCC) which is introduced wef 1 May 2016.  Contact Julie Park on +44 208 977 3228 or if you would like any further information   Download it here by clicking the link below: Union.

November 16

Copthorn Holdings VAT decision – backdated VAT group registration

The following summarises the findings in our recent Tax Journal article on the implications of the Copthorn Holdings VAT decision which considered whether a VAT group registration application could be backdated.  Contact us if you would like more details or the full article: Speed read In a recent case, Copthorn Holdings returned to the First-tier Tribunal.

May 26

VAT: Which establishment receives the supply?

Q: We provide e-learning via a website to private individual customers worldwide. We have an office in New York and use the services of a UK associate company to set up new customer accounts, offer customer support and carry out marketing activity. They raise a monthly invoice to us for this.  All our key decision.

February 6

VAT and prompt payment discounts: which option is best?

We are a large corporate that offers prompt payment discounts (PPDs) to some, but not all, of our UK based clients. In addition, we periodically take advantage of the PPDs offered by our suppliers. The guidance issued by HMRC on 22 December 2014 (Revenue & Customs Brief 49/2014) explains our two options from a VAT.

November 7

VAT: cross-border supply and installation contracts

We are a Spanish company and have won a contract to build a waste disposal plant in the UK. UK and overseas subcontractors will supply us with components for the plant, which will be constructed outside the UK and then shipped here. Engineers on site will provide advisory services in relation to the contract. Will.

October 21

Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) – Registration now open

From 1 January 2015, supplies of digital services (telecoms, broadcasting and electronically supplied services) to private individuals in other EU Member States will be liable to VAT in the customer’s country.  Rather than registering for VAT in every Member State where customers are located, businesses can discharge their EU VAT obligations via the MOSS.                                                                                                                             Registration.

October 15

VAT treatment of mail packs

Overview Direct mail is frequently used by financial institutions to target new customers, whilst many charities will use it to solicit donations.  As both types of organisations are unable to recover much VAT, they benefit significantly from the availability of zero-rating for printed matter. For the agencies supplying these mail packs, the rules regarding zero-rating.