Professional Firms

Specialist technical support to help you provide the best added value service to your clients

The VAT Consultancy is the preferred adviser to many firms of accountants, lawyers and architects, providing the complementary expertise required to deal with complex and ever changing VAT issues.
Our consultants support hundreds of accountancy firms each year, helping to resolve the VAT challenges faced by their clients and identifying opportunities which result in either P&L and/or working capital savings.

From a quick call to one of our experienced consultants to confirm the details of a piece of legislation, discuss a potential project, or review a complex transaction or new business stream, we partner with you as a member of your team, acting under your instruction at all times, working together to provide the best added value service to your clients. Examples of ways in which we have recently enabled firms to enhance relationships with clients include:

  • VAT and customs duty support in an accountancy firm’s competitive tender to provide services, including indirect tax, for a fast growth online retail business. The firm, who won a full service contract providing accounting and tax advice, utilised our services for VAT and customs duty advice.
  • An accountancy firm had a client with complex VAT issues relating to property.   We worked through the commercial issues with the accountant in order to protect the client from irrecoverable VAT of £400,000.  As a result, the client has agreed to use the accountant for all future projects, recognising that practical VAT advice is part of an overall tax and accounting service offering.
  • An accountancy firm with a recruitment agent client wanted to clarify the VAT liability of services in providing locum doctors.    Having reviewed the legislation we advised that if these services were ‘deputising’ doctors then the law would allow exemption.  It was agreed that Counsel’s opinion would be sought and this confirmed our own advice and the client is now in a position to structure his offering to achieve the exemption.

We always aim to provide a pro-active service, which includes regular VAT opportunity emails focussed on particular business sectors, and regular webinars specifically aimed at professional firms. We want you to have the peace of mind that your clients receive the best VAT advice, helping to manage risk and minimise the cost of VAT and customs duty.

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“We have been clients of The VAT Consultancy for over 15 years and their advice and speed of service has been first class. VAT is incredibly complicated but they manage to make it very simple. They provide a very valued service”
Marc Voulters, SRLV