Interim VAT and Customs Duty Resource

From time to time, regardless of the size and complexity of a business, there may be a need for temporary VAT and customs duty resource.  Common scenarios leading to this could be:

  • Mature and established teams in major corporates needing additional but temporary resource to carry out projects that cannot be undertaken with existing staff.  This could include cost reduction initiatives, ‘nice to have’ projects or key ring-fenced projects that existing team members do not have time to focus on full time
  • Planned or sudden reductions in existing resource due to e.g. staff resigning, maternity leave
  • The rolling out of a new supply chain structure or similar requiring additional resource during implementation
  • A growing business testing the need for a full time VAT resource by using interim resource before a permanent headcount commitment is made

We are able to provide resource with a wide range of experience to assist with such projects, from senior experienced staff who can work autonomously and contribute to the strategic direction of a project if needed, to more junior staff that can carry out resource intensive tasks.    All our people have experience of working within industry and therefore are best placed to hit the ground running, causing minimum disruption to the business and showing a clear understanding of business drivers.