Overseas VAT Reclaim

Businesses regularly impose travel bans on staff and use other cost reduction initiatives to reduce the cost of travel and subsistence to the business.

However in our experience a significant number do not maximise VAT recovery on overseas expenditure of this nature – if they did this would significantly reduce the overall cost to the business. This applies to all sizes of business – from SMEs to major multinationals with sophisticated procurement teams in place.

The reason this area is overlooked is often due to the fact that the transactions in question tend to be low value, high volume which means the business cannot dedicate precious resource to retrieving and reviewing the necessary documentation to file a claim. Our specialist overseas VAT recovery service will help you maximise your overseas VAT recovery with minimum impact on your resources – we can take care of the end to end process so that you can maximise recoveries and limit the level of internal resource required.

We have good relationships with the relevant tax authorities which facilitates the process and we provide you with regular updates regarding the value of the claim and the likely timing of the repayment.

Businesses visiting the UK for conferences and other events will be able to recover the majority of the UK VAT they incur on business costs during their time in the country. The VAT Consultancy can assist with this process, ensuring a refund is received as quickly as possible. Our fees are charged on a success basis so you will not bear any costs until you have received your repayment.